SmartLab Intelligence Management System

SmartLab intelligence management system serve pathology laboratory the most adaptable data module that is particularly used to maintain data record comparing to all the test performed in the pathology lab and medical laboratory. 
Pathology lab software is incorporated to centralize whole database and modules of hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, diagnostic centers, pathological laboratories. Data identified with billing of tests, pre-booking and reports.We Are Growing With Best Technology. The Intelligence of Technology Used in Lab Software Is Called lab Intelligence Management Software.

SmartLab Intelligence Management Modules:-

Total Diagnostic Mangement

Total Pathology Lab Mangement

Radiology Mangement

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Key Features

Patients Management

Doctors Management


Report Priority

Billing and Invoicing

Reports and Summaries

Utility Management

Authorization By digital Signature

Get Status

Overall Patients Data Management

Paperless Record Keeping

Flexible Reporting System

MIS Reports[40 Types]

Test Bookings

Barcode Mnagement


Staff Management

Admin+Super Admin Management

Automization Via Interfacing

QR Code(Sample Tracking)

Machine Mapping


Collection Agent management

Revert Test

Report Sent By SMS

User Role Management

Test Count

Urgent Test Priority

Quick Patient Search(Mobile No.,ID,Email,Family)

Patients Last Visit

Combination Of Test Package

DR's Prescription Saved As Per Patient